Servicing to ensure your security or fire system will work when needed.

Maintain and service your fire and security systems to be confident they will work when needed.

Your business may have all the bells and whistles for reducing fire risk, but are you confident they'll do the job in an emergency?

Our independent qualified personnel can regularly check and maintain your systems, alarms and equipment including:

  • Sprinklers
  • Emergency warning signs
  • Lighting, escape routes, signs
  • Building warrant-of-fitness
  • Owner checks and trial evacuations
Servicing security or fire system
A man unlocking door

Without regular maintenance, your electrical security can fail for any number of reasons.

Our independent qualified personnel are certified to service your systems and controls to all relevant standards, with regular checks, repairs and maintenance on:

  • Fire alarms
  • Sprinklers
  • Emergency lighting
  • Owners checks including final exits, fire and smoke separations and signs
  • Hold back devices
  • Building warrant of fitness

Quality Assurance

At Select Alarms, we have a well-established quality assurance (QA) culture and process. Our quality assurance philosophy, as recorded in our company documents focuses on customers, leadership, engagement of people, process approaches, relationship management and improved decision making.

This philosophy is applied through proven international standards and is lived in our daily work though robust systems.

Select Alarms has been formally assessed by international standard assessment criteria and found to comply with the requirements of ISO9001;2015 - Quality Management Systems.

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