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Balancing Safety and Access at The University Of Waikato

With around 1,500 staff and 12,000 students coming and going most days, The University of Waikato is a busy, bustling place. with so many people, high-tech equipment and computers, and the need for constant access to buildings, the campus has very specific security needs.

That’s where Select Alarms comes in. They have been providing alarms, CCTV and access services to the University for more than 20 years. Working with the University for so long means that Select has in-depth knowledge of the campus, and strong relationships with staff.

Long time Security Manager Ray Hayward explains: “Select is a very important partner for the Security Division in meeting our objectives. Their campus knowledge is an asset to our operations and project planning.”

Safety and Security

Like any university or school, the University of Waikato needs to balance staff and student access with security for equipment and computers, and the risks of vandalism or burglary. Select Alarms provides full electronic services for the campus, including burglar alarms, access control to a range of buildings, and CCTV requirements.

The Select team doesn’t just install equipment then leave the University to it. They’ve built a strong relationship with the University over the years, and they’re happy to listen to concerns, find solutions, and fix problems promptly. Ray Hayward says that they really value the services Select provides.

Ray Hayward says that they really value the services Select provides.

"It’s not just one installation, it’s the full-service provision that we rate highly. From the quoting of the service required, to the order number being issued and installation being timely, right through to follow-up and fault response. Select always responds well."

It’s not just one installation, it’s the full-service provision that we rate highly.

Access for All

As technology and student requirements change, the University of Waikato, along with Select Alarms, need to adapt security and access options. One new requirement in the works is automatic access for every student at enrolment. This project involves various departments across the University, including the Security team – and Select Alarms.

To make this security change possible, Select has been working with the IT team to ensure the security system links up with the campus computer network. As always, they have made the process simple, streamlined, and straightforward.

Ray Hayward says: “Select deals with our IT staff a lot on campus, as they look to connect different bits of kit to the network. This is a critical relationship for Select Alarms and the University; when we work together it makes life much simpler. Select has a very good relationship with our IT staff, which obviously helps everybody.”

Ongoing Security Services

After a two-decade business relationship, the University of Waikato has a very positive relationship with Select Alarms. They’re happy with the products and services provided, installation and fixing faults, and with the way Select works with University staff.

Ray Hayward puts it like this: “The Management is very good to deal with. The techs are excellent installers”.

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