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With vulnerable clients, large numbers of people coming and going, and 24-hour service, retirement villages and elder care facilities have unique security needs.

Oceania Group, running retirement villages, care homes, and hospitals all over the country, is no different. They need to be able to protect their elderly patients, let staff and visitors come and go, and meet their obligations to the Ministry of Health.

Since 2012, Oceania Group have relied on Select Alarms to install, maintain, and service alarm systems for 9 of their properties. As National Compliance Manager Derek Llewellyn explains, it’s a challenging job, but they trust Select to get it done.

“We remain confident that they are looking after our interests, which leaves us more time to focus on problem areas.”

Installation And Maintenance

When you manage a large number of properties, installing new systems and repairing the existing ones can be a huge job. That’s why it’s essential to have contractors you can trust to get the job done right and on time, every time.

That’s the service Select Alarms provides to Oceania Group. They’re in charge of installing new equipment and systems as needed, at any of the Oceania Group facilities in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Paeroa, Cambridge, Taupo, Tokoroa, Whitianga. This includes new alarm systems and cameras, access points, fences and gates, and even emergency lighting. They also provide maintenance services, testing, and repairs as needed.

As Derek explains, the management team are very pleased with Select Alarms, in terms of practical work, price, and customer service.

Compliance Counts

Because Oceania Group is a healthcare organisation, they’re obliged to comply with standards set by the Ministry of Health and other governing bodies, and undergo regular audits to ensure compliance. All the work Select Alarms does must meet these compliance obligations.

"Select does the job quietly and efficiently. Feedback is not received because it’s like electricity – you only notice it when it’s gone."

Select Alarms provides sensible, practical management solutions while focusing on service. They have installed and repaired many systems quickly, efficiently and in a cost-effective way

Fortunately, the Select team has the specialist skills needed to ensure their security systems are up to standard. They work with the Oceania Group team to make sure every installation and repair is done properly, every time, to avoid having to go back and redo work.

“They provide a no-nonsense service that ensures we can meet our obligations to the MOH and other auditing bodies.” Derek Llewellyn, National Compliance Manager.

Making Repairs A Top Priority

Oceania Group runs 24-hour facilities and deals with vulnerable patients, so getting repairs done quickly and efficiently is their priority. They don’t want to leave facilities without essential security systems, but also can’t disrupt patients with ongoing work either.

Select Alarms is fully aware of these requirements, and make getting work done quickly a priority. As much as possible, they try to work around patient schedules, minimise noise and mess, and always respond promptly when repairs are needed.

According to Derek, this is yet another area where Select excel – even though patients and staff may not be aware of it.

“Select does the job quietly and efficiently. Feedback is not received because it’s like electricity – you only notice it when it’s gone.”

Benefits to Oceania Group

  • Up-to-date security and alarm systems that meet compliance
  • Timely, efficient maintenance and repair services
  • Minimal disruption to staff and patients
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