Braemar Hospital

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State of the art Care

Braemar Hospital is one of New Zealand’s leading surgical hospitals, providing quality care in the Waikato for 90 years. With over 100 specialists and ten operating rooms, Braemar boasts state of the art technology and facilities.

Property Services Manager James Henderson says the specialised environment of the hospital required well-maintained, complex security systems – one of the reasons why Select Alarms has been maintaining Braemar’s fire alarms for many years.

James explains, “Select Alarms has displayed an excellent ability to work in specialised environments, and understands the high-level requirements of a private surgical hospital.”

When contracts are up for renewal, Braemar Hospital proactively reviews all aspects of a supplier’s performance before making the decision re-sign a company. James says the hospital is “quite strict” because they are an ISO company, and audited regularly to ensure they meet the standards.

“We have to choose contractors that are fit for the purpose from an auditing perspective. Select Alarms has continuously met those standards.”

Meeting high-level, complex requirements

Because of the hospital’s specialised services and critical areas, high levels of health and safety documentation and procedure are required to keep staff and patients safe. James says Select Alarms goes above and beyond to meet these requirements.

“They’ve been good at working out what exactly that is, to ensure compliance for a hospital. That includes general requirements, working in theaters and working in sterile environments, and making sure they communicate properly.”

Low Impact, Proactive Maintenance

Being a private hospital, Braemar’s patients have a certain expectation of care. James says Select Alarms has implemented a preventative maintenance programme to reduce the impact the fire alarm systems may have on patients during their stay.

Reducing the disruption of the maintenance itself is one aspect. Avoiding false alarms is another. These can be costly for the hospital while also posing health and safety hazards – they can disrupt specialists during procedures and reduce the impact of alarms that shouldn’t be ignored.

James says Select works to proactively manage this, and has sometimes spotted and resolved problems before the hospital has even noticed. For a facility with such critical services, that robustness of system is paramount.

“Their technicians have intimate knowledge of the systems, which enable seamless maintenance and breakdown support. If they get a system defect they are always quick in reacting to it.”

"They are aware of the environment we work in and know the ins and outs of the early warning intercommunication system."

They’re always on time, always with the paperwork up to date. It’s nice not to have to chase that sort of thing. They are very reliable.

Reliable Documentation and Administration

To a hospital as busy as Braemar, keeping operations running smoothly is important. That’s about ensuring compliance with health and safety requirements, including all the necessary documentation.

James points to the Building Warrant of Fitness as an example of Select Alarms’ excellence – not just in maintaining the alarms, but in keeping up with the paperwork too.

He says this approach is “a huge thing”, because he’s experienced other suppliers who aren’t willing to complete paperwork, complete inductions and “jump through all the hoops”.

He says it makes working with Select Alarms “really easy”.

“They’re always on time, always with the paperwork up to date. It’s nice not to have to chase that sort of thing. They are very reliable.”

Select Alarms “an asset”

James says the quality of service from Select Alarms and the specialised support from the technicians means he would recommend them to other businesses.

“They are aware of the environment we work in and know the ins and outs of the early warning intercommunication system.

“They follow health and safety process and requirements and are willing to do documentation around that and comply with new requirements.

”Select Alarms has been a great asset to Braemar Hospital and we look forward to doing business with them in the future.”

Benefits to Braemar Hospital so far

  • Intimate knowledge of fire systems for proactive maintenance
  • Proactive compliance with all health and safety requirements
  • Minimisation of false alarms
  • Minimisation of disruption
  • Prompt response to system defects
  • Compliance with requirements to work in specialised areas
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